Setting Up a Production AnzoGraph Environment

The following table describes different options available to deploy AnzoGraphin a production environment. It also describes the tools and applications that are automatically installed or are otherwise available for each option.

Production Deployment Options

Deployment Option Description

Deploying AnzoGraph with AWS CloudFormation Services

Provides a fully automated and managed deployment of AnzoGraph on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Offers multiple deployment scenarios that correspond with commonly-used AWS network and environment configurations.

Deploying AnzoGraph on Kubernetes with Helm

Installs AnzoGraph on Kubernetes cluster (of one or more Docker containers) that is managed by Helm. Docker containers, Kubernetes, and Helm, have all been widely adopted, and supported by all major cloud service providers to host robust applications and services that need to be deployed on-demand.

Deploying AnzoGraph with the RHEL/CentOS Tarball

Tarball deployment allows downloading and installing AnzoGraph on physical or virtual host servers that have a RHEL or Centos 7.4+ operating system.


Click a specific link in the table above to view the installation and configuration instructions for the specific AnzoGraph production environment solution that you want to deploy.