Changing System Settings

The default AnzoGraph system configuration is optimized for most AnzoGraph installations. If want to change settings due to your own preferences, or if Cambridge Semantics Support recommends that you change the configuration, follow the instructions in this topic to change setting values.

Each time you start the database, AnzoGraph reads settings from the configuration file, install_path/config/settings.conf, and stores the values in memory. After you save configuration changes, you must restart AnzoGraph for the new settings to take effect. On a cluster, change settings.conf on the leader server only. See System Settings Reference for information about the units of measurement for the settings as well as any special instructions.

AWS CloudFormation Deployments: Changing settings requires SSH access to the AnzoGraph leader server. How do I enable SSH access to AnzoGraph instances?

  1. Open the install_path/config/settings.conf file in a text editor.

    The settings.conf file groups settings into two categories: Basic and Advanced. The Basic settings are intended for users with basic knowledge about AnzoGraph or databases in general, and the Advanced settings are intended for system administrators or users with an advanced level of knowledge about AnzoGraph or databases.

  2. Locate the setting whose value you want to change.

    Each setting includes two lines: the first line describes the setting, and the second line lists the setting name and its current value (setting=value). Settings that are set to the default value are commented out. For example, in the following two lines, the first line describes the purpose of the sparql_protocol_port setting, and the second line lists the actual setting and its current value. Since the setting/value pair is commented out, it shows that sparql_protocol_port is set to the default value and has not been changed:

    # sparql_protocol_port (overall) - The port to open for HTTP (SPARQL end-point) clients
    # sparql_protocol_port=7070
    NoteIf Cambridge Semantics Support has recommended that you change a setting that does not appear in the file, add a new line to the end of the file and specify the setting name and value.
  3. If necessary, uncomment the line and then change the value for the setting. To add settings to settings.conf, add the new setting and value in the format below. Type each setting and value pair on a new line.
    NoteAnzoGraph applies settings from the top to the bottom of the file. If the same setting appears more than once, AnzoGraph applies the value for the last instance of the setting. The last instance overrides any previous instances.
  4. When you finish changing settings, save and close the settings.conf file.
  5. Restart AnzoGraph for the new settings to take effect.
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