Changing the Default FROM Clause Behavior

By default, if a query omits FROM clauses, the scope of the query is limited to the default graph (DEFAULTSET). Triples in named graphs will not be included in the scope of the query. The default behavior is controlled by the sparql_spec_default_graph configuration setting. To configure AnzoGraph to conform to the SPARQL specification and include the default graph and all named graphs in the scope of a query that omits the FROM clause, follow the instructions below.

  1. Stop the database. See Stop the Database and Leave the System Management Daemon Running for instructions.
  2. On the leader node, open the AnzoGraph settings file, settings.conf, in a text editor. The file is in the install_path/config directory.
  3. In settings.conf, uncomment the sparql_spec_default_graph=false line and change the value to true:
  4. Save and close settings.conf.
  5. Restart the database to apply the configuration change. See Start the Database (the System Management Daemon is Running) for instructions.
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