Cypher Language Reference (Preview)

In addition to the SPARQL query language, AnzoGraph also provides Cypher language support, patterned after compatibility with the openCypher community group's language specification for query and update of graph databases. openCypher is an open, multi-vendor initiative aimed at making the Cypher language available as a industry-standard query language for graph databases. Cypher® is a registered trademark of Neo4j, Inc.

The current functionality provided by the AnzoGraph implementation of the Cypher language is a Preview release. That is, current features are available for trial use, however, they are subject to change or redesign based on feedback from early users. In addition, ongoing development may include additional features and options in future releases to increase compatibility with the current openCypher language specification.

The documentation provided here describes compatibility of the AnzoGraph Cypher implementation compared to the Cypher language as described in the openCypher community group's Cypher Query Language Reference. See the openCypher Resource page available at An Acrobat PDF copy of the Version 9 Cypher Query Language Reference is available at:

Individual sections of the documentation follows the topic order and description of Cypher language elements as defined in the Cypher Query Language Reference:

Portions of the original Cypher Query Language reference have also been included here for purposes of comparison to note any limitations, restrictions, or exceptions in the AnzoGraph Cypher implementation. Typically, comparisons to the Cypher Query language specification are described as Supported, Partially Supported, and Not Supported. Examples included in this documentation also reference the graph data from the original Neo4j Movie dataset. The section Working with Cypher and the Movies Graph Database provides an executable script you can use to replicate the data in AnzoGraph.

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