Kubernetes Deployments

Since Kubernetes has become the de facto package manager for Docker hosts, and Helm is emerging as the de facto package manager for Kubernetes application architectures, Cambridge Semantics offers an AnzoGraph for Kubernetes deployment that is managed by Helm. For instructions on quickly deploying AnzoGraph with Docker, see Docker Deployments.

The topics in this section provide information about setting up a local machine so that you can deploy AnzoGraph on a remote Kubernetes cluster; they include reference information and examples for installing the Kubernetes command line client, configuring access to a Kubernetes cluster, and installing Helm. In addition, this section provides detailed instructions for using Helm to deploy and customize AnzoGraph on Kubernetes.

To deploy AnzoGraph with Kubernetes Minikube, you must use Minikube Version 1.10 or later. The Linux kernel that ships with earlier Minikube versions is not sufficient for running AnzoGraph.