Overview of SPARQL and AnzoGraph Extension Functions

AnzoGraph provides support for the standard SPARQL functions as described in the W3C SPARQL 1.1 Query Language specification. AnzoGraph also includes many functions and aggregates based on functions and operations provided in Microsoft Excel. All of these functions are described in the SPARQL Built-in Functions section of the SPARQL Language Reference.

For instructions on retrieving a list of all supported SPARQL functions for your AnzoGraph release, see How do I get a list of all AnzoGraph functions?

Functions supported in AnzoGraph can be categorized as follows:

  • SPARQL Built-in Functions – functions defined in the W3C SPARQL 1.1 Query Language specification, such as aggregate, arithmetic, boolean, conditional, specific data type handling and hash and functions.
  • Additional Data Science Functions (Preview) – collection of functions providing distribution, correlation, probability, and other statistical calculations based on AnzoGraph data and query results.
  • Additional Geospatial Functions (Preview) – collection of two different sets of geospatial functions based on the ESRI’s public domain API geometry library, and the GeoSPARQL geospatial function library, respectively.
  • Apache Arrow Functions (Preview) – collection of export and import service functions providing AnzoGraph integration with many ML and Big Data ecosystems.
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