SPARQL Typographical and Syntax Conventions

The following table describes the conventions used in describing the syntax of various SPARQL commands, clauses, and other statement options.

Convention Description
CAPS Although SPARQL is case-insensitive, SPARQL keywords in this section are written in uppercase for readability.
Italics Terms in italics are placeholder values that you replace in the query.
[ element ] Indicates an optional clause.
| Means OR. Indicates that you can use one or more of the specified options.
^ Means exclusive OR (XOR). Indicates that you can only choose one of the specified options.

Representation of subject or predicate values based on an IRI or URI specification. AnzoGraph places no special restrictions on URIs, only that you place the text between < > characters, for example, <sales>.

<< >>

Specifies a relationship property in a triple store, with the triple wrapped between the double angle bracket characters, << triple >>, with the property URI and property value specified at the end of the triple, that is:

<< <subject> <predicate> <object> >> <property_URI> <property_value>

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