SPARQL Language Reference

AnzoGraph implements the standard SPARQL commands and functions described in the W3C SPARQL 1.1 Query Language specification. In addition to supporting standard SPARQL functions, AnzoGraph includes several SQL-like and Microsoft Excel-like built-in functions and extends the SPARQL 1.1 specification to add support for advanced analytics such as window aggregates and advanced grouping capabilities.

AnzoGraph also provides two integrated packages of pre-built data science and geospatial extension functions, and a collection of Apache Arrow data import and export functions, that you can also use in the same way as other native, built-in functions. In addition, AnzoGraph provides both C++ and Java APIs for creating user-defined or custom extension functions, aggregates, and services.

Topics included in this section are the following:

Most examples included in this reference run against the AnzoGraph sample Tickit data set, which captures sales activity for a fictional Tickit website where people buy and sell tickets for sporting events, shows, and concerts. For more information on loading and performing queries on this data set, see Working with the Tickit Data.

For more information on using SPARQL, also see Using Standard SPARQL Commands and Functions. For more basic information about SPARQL, the semantic web, or RDF, see the Cambridge Semantics Semantic University.

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