Updating or Uninstalling AnzoGraph

The Installer program allows you to both install a new AnzoGraph release as well as update previous AnzoGraph installations with new release software. In addition, AnzoGraph provides an uninstall program script to completely uninstall a previous installation.

Updating an Existing AnzoGraph Installation

When you run the Installer program for a new release, it first checks if there is an existing AnzoGraph deployment that is currently installed. After starting the Installer and choosing to proceed with the AnzoGraph installation, if the Installer detects that AnzoGraph is already installed, it displays the prompt:

A previous installation has been detected. Do you wish to update that installation?
Yes, update the existing installation [1, Enter]
No, install into a different directory [2]

You can then choose whether to update the current AnzoGraph installation, or create a new AnzoGraph installation in a different directory location.

Based on your selection, the Installer now repeats the sequence of prompts to specify the type of installation you want to install, and select from various AnzoGraph program options. When you are finished, the Installer will then create a new AnzoGraph installation or update your existing one.

If you choose to update an existing application, the Installer will first uninstall the previous installation and then install AnzoGraph again using the various Installer program options you selected.

Running the Uninstall Program

Following AnzoGraph installation, in addition to AnzoGraph program files it installs, it also provides an uninstall program script. The uninstall program is located in the same location where you chose to install AnzoGraph, by default, /opt/cambridgesemantics.

To run the uninstall script:

  1. Change directories to the location where AnzoGraph was installed. Then, check that the uninstall program is located there and type:

    sudo ./uninstall

    The uninstall program now prompts:

    Are you sure you want to completely remove AnzoGraph DB and all of its components?
    Yes [y, Enter], No [n]
  2. Type y and press [Enter] to proceed with uninstalling AnzoGraph.

    The uninstall program now prompts:

    Check if you would like the entire installation directory cleared, including any configuration or user files.
    Clear entire installation directory?
    Yes [y, Enter], No [n]

    Here you can specify whether to completely remove the AnzoGraph installation directory, including removing any previous configuration and service files.

  3. Enter y [Yes] or n [No].

    The uninstall program now proceeds and will uninstall AnzoGraph using the uninstall options you selected.

    Uninstalling AnzoGraph DB 2.4...
    AnzoGraph DB was successfully removed from your computer.
    Finishing uninstallation ...
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