Welcome to the Cambridge Semantics Documentation Center, home for all of the Anzo and AnzoGraph user documentation.

Anzo® Documentation
For Anzo and AnzoGraph as integrated with Anzo

Anzo Deployment & User Guide

Installation, administration, and usage information for Anzo, including AnzoGraph when integrated with Anzo

Anzo Getting Started Guide

Introduction to the Anzo user interface, basic setup information, and instructions for building a sample solution from scratch

Anzo Release Notes

Descriptions of product changes for each Anzo 4.x release

AnzoGraph® DB Documentation
For standalone AnzoGraph DB deployments

AnzoGraph DB Deployment & User Guide

Deployment, getting started, administration, analytics, and general usage information for AnzoGraph DB

AnzoGraph DB Best Practices Guide

Guidance on server selection and estimating the memory and storage size needed for AnzoGraph

AnzoGraph DB Release Notes

Descriptions of product changes for each AnzoGraph DB release