Using the Query Console

This topic applies to AWS CloudFormation (CFN), Docker, and Kubernetes deployments and provides instructions for logging in to and using the AnzoGraph Query console. The Query Console is available with AWS CloudFormation (CFN), Docker, and Kubernetes deployments. The Query Console is not currently available for RHEL/CentOS tarball deployments. For information about the Administration Console, see Using the Admin Console.

Logging in to the Query Console

Note: The AnzoGraph console supports the latest Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not supported at this time.

  1. To open the Query Console, go to the HTTP (http://<leader_ip_address>) or HTTPS (https://<leader_ip_address>) endpoint for AnzoGraph. For Docker on Windows or Mac, include the port that was assigned when you deployed AnzoGraph. For Docker on Linux, you do not need to include the port.

    Note: If you use the HTTPS endpoint, your browser may warn you that the connection is not private. The warning is normal behavior. AnzoGraph servers use self-signed certificates, and browsers automatically trust only the certificates from well-known certificate authorities. For more information about certificate warnings, see Security Certificate Errors on the DigiCert website. Depending on your browser, follow the appropriate instructions below to either bypass the warning and continue to the console or configure the browser to trust the certificate:

    • On Chrome, click the Advanced link at the bottom of the page and then click the Proceed to ip (unsafe) link.
    • On Safari, click the Show Details button and then click Visit Website to import the certificate.
    • On Firefox, click Advanced and then click Add Exception. On the next screen, click Add Security Exception to confirm the exception for the AnzoGraph endpoint.

    The browser displays the AnzoGraph log in screen.

  2. On the log in screen, enter your credentials and click Sign In. The Query console opens.

Running Queries in the Console

In the left-side navigation pane of the Query Console display, AnzoGraph shows two default queries, Count Statements and Total Statements. Count Statements returns a list of each named graph and the number of statements or triples in the graph. Total Statements returns the total number of statements in all named graphs. Click a query in the left navigation to open it in the main window. You can edit or overwrite the default queries, or you can click Add Query to create a new query from scratch. To run a query, click the Run button () at the top of the screen. The results display at the bottom of the screen.

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